Friday, July 31, 2009

Cleophas and His Own to Screen in Halifax, Nova Scotia

On October 8th, 217 Films' first film, Cleophas and His Own, will screen in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the CBC Radio Room. It has been a goal to show this in Nova Scotia and we are very fortunate (and excited!) to work with Will Roberts of the Cultural Product Project to make this goal a reality. More details will be posted soon.

In the meantime, follow this link to read the story behind the making of this film.

Synopsis: In September of 1943, the typescript of a private, unpublished narrative was discovered in Corea, Maine, among the belongings of the American modernist painter and poet Marsden Hartley…just a few days after his death. This powerful and poignant elegy called Cleophas and His Own and written by Hartley to assuage his grief at the loss of a young man he loved, is now a feature-length film directed by Michael Maglaras and produced by Terri Templeton of 217 Films. The film presents Hartley (played by Maglaras) seated in his makeshift studio in Corea in 1943 where, tired and ill, he recounts a tragic story to an unseen visitor of the sad fate that befell the Francis Mason family: a family of farmers and fishermen with whom he lived on a remote island in Nova Scotia seven years before. Using Hartley's text in its entirety and preserving the poem's thirteen-chapter structure, the film uses flashbacks and employs 24 of Hartley's paintings and drawings to tell of the events leading up to and following the Atlantic hurricane of September 19, 1936, when Hartley lost the young man who had become the love of his life. Following the death of this young man, the last seven years of Hartley’s life were devoted to reliving these experiences through poetry and painting, leaving behind a body of work, second to none in the American experience, devoted to this young man’s memory and his love the Mason family. 2005. Not rated. 147 minutes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

217 Films: Screening News

Filmmakers Michael Maglaras and Terri Templeton were invited to show Visible Silence: Marsden Hartley, Painter and Poet at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, July 10, 2009.

This is the second time 217 Films has held the D.C. area premiere of one of its films at the National Gallery. The first was Cleophas and His Own in 2006.

"We are always delighted to show at the National Gallery of Art and are particularly indebted to Peggy Parsons for her invitation," said Maglaras. "Washington is a great venue to screen films and the National Gallery showings attract the highest quality audience. I am always impressed by the quality and quantity of questions asked after a screening there."

The Washington, D.C. area premiere of 217 Films latest work, John Marin: Let the Paint Be Paint!, will be held at the National Gallery of Art in early 2010, after its Maine premiere this December. Shooting for this film concludes in August.

217 Films first film, Cleophas and His Own, is scheduled to screen in Halifax, Nova Scotia this fall. In this film, painter Marsden Hartley (played by Michael Maglaras) recounts to an unseen visitor a sad story of the fate that befell the Mason family, with whom he spent two summers on a remote Nova Scotia island in 1935 and 1936. Those two summers forever transformed Hartley’s work as an artist, and so transformed the history of American art.